We are specialized in offering software services around the Linphone software, an open source SIP video phone (Voice/Video Over IP) working on PCs and mobile platforms (Android, Iphone, Windows Phone).

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We believe in the open-source development model…

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logo Urmet Urmet S.p.A. is a communication and security specialist which develops innovative building automation products and systems.

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SIP network deployment made easy thanks to mDNS

Thanks to recent developments performed by our engineering team, Liblinphone and Flexisip are now able to use Multicast DNS in a local area network.


100rel implementation in Liblinphone

The Session Initiation Protocol (SIP - RFC 3261) is a request-response protocol for initiating and managing communications sessions. SIP defines two types of responses, provisional and final. Final responses convey the result of the request processing, and are sent reliably, whereas Provisional responses provide information on the progress of the request processing, but are not sent reliably.

However, reliability proved to be important in several cases, including interoperability scenarios with the PSTN (standard telephony). Therefore, an optional capability was needed to support reliable transmission of provisional responses.

Reliable Provisional Response (100rel) is now supported in Linphone, as Liblinphone library implements the reliability mechanisms described in RFC 3262.

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